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General Terms and Conditions

The data that appears on Teesdaleholidays.co.uk are for informational purposes only. Despite the efforts to provide accurate information, inaccuracies may appear on occasions. Prior to purchasing goods or services you have seen at Teesdaleholidays.co.uk, you should confirm with the vendor any information, including the price, which is vital to your acquisition decision. Wensley House Limited is not responsible for, and does not guarantee the accuracy or performance of, any such commodities or services. Teesdaleholidays.co.uk is an online advertising service that brings buyers and sellers together. The seller, not Wensley House Limited, supplies information about a particular service and the price and other terms of any sale remain subject to direct arbitration between the buyer and the seller. We trust that all who visit Teesdaleholidays.co.uk will act in a honourable manner. When using this service we urge you to use the same shrewdness you would if responding to, a classified advertisement in the newspapers. Wensley House Limited reserves the right to deny use of this service to anyone who does not act in accordance with these requirements or who otherwise uses the service in manner we consider unsuitable. Wensley House Limited has made available links to other websites, not operated by Wensley House Limited, where you can obtain products and services however Wensley House Limited cannot guarantee the prices, terms, quality, reliability or performance of the products or services provided by these vendors. Wensley House Limited is not responsible for the products or services these vendors provide. You release Wensley House Limited and its affiliates from any damages that you may incur, and agree not to assert any claims against them, arising from your purchase or use of such third-party supplied products and services. Due to the evolving environment of the Internet, Wensley House Limited may change the terms of this agreement at any time. When using this service following such changes, you agree to be bound by this agreement, as modified. Wensley House Limited may change, restrict access to, suspend, or discontinue this service, or any portion of this service, at any time.

Ownership of Data

The materials on this site are the property of Wensley House Limited or its licensors, and are protected by copyright laws. Except as explicitly provided in this agreement, you may not distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, or otherwise exploit any of the materials on Teesdaleholidays.co.uk. You may display and print a single copy of any page on the site for your personal, non-commercial use, but you may not otherwise reproduce any information appearing on this site without the prior written consent of the owner. You may not store any significant portion of, nor distribute copies of, materials found on this site, in any form, without prior written permission from the owner. Requests for permission to reproduce or distribute materials found on Teesdaleholidays.co.uk should be sent to our Customer Support team at enquiries@wensleyhouse.com. You are free to establish a hypertext link to this site so long as the link does not state or imply any endorsement or sponsorship of you, your company, or your site by Wensley House Limited. Conversely, without the prior written permission of Wensley House Limited, you may not frame any of the content of Teesdaleholidays.co.uk, nor incorporate into another website or other service any intellectual property of Wensley House Limited or its licensors. Requests for permission to frame our content may be sent our Customer Support team at enquiries@wensleyhouse.com.

Limited Liability

If you depend on services provided by Wensley House Limited or any data available via Teesdaleholidays.co.uk, you undertake at your own risk. Teesdaleholidays.co.uk may be subject to delays, omissions, interruption of service, inaccuracy of data as well as other problems with the data and services published on Teesdaleholidays.co.uk Teesdaleholidays.co.uk is provided to you in its existing form. Wensley House Limited and its affiliates, agents and licensors cannot and will not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, up-to-datedness or non-encroachment of the service provision provided by Teesdaleholidays.co.uk. Nor does Wensley House Limited guarantee that the service will be free of viruses or other harmful components or the effects caused directly or indirectly of the afore mentioned. Wensley House Limited or its affiliates, agents or licensors under no circumstances shall be liable to you or anyone else for any damages incurred by using the services provided, including liability for consequential, special, incidental, accidental, indirect, direct, punitive, exemplary or an other damages including loss of revenue or profits and loss of business or data even if we are advised beforehand of the possibility of such damages. You also agree that if any liability of Wensley House Limited and/or its affiliates, agents and licensors, arising out of any kind of legal claim in any way arising out of or otherwise related to the service shall not exceed the amount you paid, if any, to the service for use of the service.

Customer Details

Teesdaleholidays.co.uk may not to be used to advertise or to solicit anyone to buy or sell products or services other than individual services for sale at the prices at which, and the terms on which, they are advertised. By listing a service for sale on this site, you agree to use the email addresses of those responding to your listing only for purposes of communicating with them. You agree not to gather these email addresses for purposes of spamming or other forms of misuse. By submitting information to Teesdaleholidays.co.uk you are permanently granting Wensley House Limited all rights to the data, including the right to modify the data, to use it commercially, and to maintain the data in an archive.


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